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America's Baking Sweetheart

America's Baking SweetheartAmerica's Baking SweetheartAmerica's Baking Sweetheart

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A Mom, Chef, and Best Friend in the Kitchen

 Chef Tess Bakeresse, AKA Chef Stephanie Petersen has been a seasoned chef and baker in Phoenix, Arizona for 25 years. 4 time Nationally published cookbook author, Celebrity Chef on the Culinary Channel  (48 million viewers nationally) Roku and former Fox News Radio personality. She has long been cooking and teaching thousands of people how to create culinary masterpieces. Now she is the Corporate Executive R&D Chef for Panhandle Milling writing romance text and recipes for nationally branded flours and mixes. She is a delightful gal with lots of charm and a remarkable take on delicious food. You won't want to miss her! 


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Looking for great recipes and techniques for bread art, home canning or cooking with grains and food storage? Stephanie has 4 books that will fill your needs.